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Welcome to Family Organics Pecan Nursery & Farm

At Family Organics, we take pride in nurturing nature's treasures - the exquisite pecan nut trees. Our pecan nursery and farm, located in the picturesque Newthorndale Valley, just 25 kilometers outside of Maglisesburg town in the North West Province of South Africa, is a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and organic practices.

Our Roots

Established in 2004, Family Organics Pecan Nursery & Farm stands as a testament to the ownership and stewardship of the Amos Family Trust. Today, our operations are guided by dedicated and highly capable staff, with management overseen by Orwin Mwale, ensuring the continued prosperity of the farm

Efficiency and Excellence

Organic Pecan Farming in Action

Our Commitment to Sustainable Organic Farming

At Family Organics, sustainability is at the core of our operations. We take pride in employing organic methods that prioritize the health of our trees and the environment.

Sustainability is the cornerstone

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our operations, guiding our every practice.

Organic Farming Methods

We employ organic farming methods that prioritize the well-being of our trees and the environment.

Pure Our commitment

Our commitment extends to promoting the health and vitality of our trees and the surrounding ecosystem.