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Family Organics | Pecan Nursery

Our Roots

Established in 2004, Family Organics Pecan Nursery & Farm stands as a testament to the ownership and stewardship of the Amos Family Trust. Today, our operations are guidedy dedicated and highly capable staff, with management overseen by Orwin Mwale, ensuring the continued prosperity of the farm

At Family Organics, sustainability is at the core of our operations. We take pride in employing organic methods that prioritize the health of our trees and the environment.

Our pecan nut nursery is the heart of our operation, split into two vital sections namely; Pecan Nut Production & The Nursery

Our Production

Our pecan nut nursery is the heart of our operation, split into two vital sections:

Family Organics | Pecan Nursery

This section boasts an impressive 3500 trees in production, carefully nurtured to provide the finest seedling nuts and graft wood. Using organic methods, we cultivate these trees for optimal survival after transplanting. Late July and early August mark the season when our bare-root pecan trees are delicately packed to preserve their quality and freshness during transplanting.

Family Organics | Pecan Nursery

Our Pecan Nut Nursery is a bustling hub, annually supplying between 25,000 to 35,000 trees across South Africa, Mabinia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. These trees play a pivotal role in establishing new pecan orchards, and we’re renowned for delivering top-quality pecan trees that thrive in South African and other African markets. Our selection includes varieties such as Wichita, Choctaw, Mohawk, Navaho, and Pawnee.

Farming Practices